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Mother 3 Ramblings

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Mother 3 Ramblings

Post by Mr. Tibbs on Wed May 07, 2008 9:22 am

This. is. the. best japanese game I've ever played (okay, it was only 2). Mother 3, or for most people, what would be EarthBound 2, is one of the best rpg's of the 21st century. I played through it in February with a small walkthrough, having no experience with reading japanese. I eventually had a system of; squiggle A means that I escaped from battle, or other small tidbits. mostly though, I had no idea what I was doing.

However, the game itself was a different story. It was for the GBA, and I still understood what was happening, and the humor and tragedy that was in it. the gameplay was a tad frustrating in my first playthrough, sort of a level grindfest, and the beat based battle combos were hard to master( still haven't gotten it down pat).

The plot was just fantastic, but if you're a purest about knowing what happens, wait until the fan-translation's done. otherwise, if you've gone through some anime's raw, and can still get what just happened, check it out. google is your friend, pm me if you want to know how to get it.

But yeah, if you love rpg's, dogs in suits, band performances, duels with pigs in tanks, dancing monkeys that open mouth-shaped doors, mushroom trips, wall stapling, drunk ghosts, epic battles, awesome music, a charming and terrific plot, flying paintings, gargantuan generators that attack you, vicious robot housemaids, banana-loving-foreigners, cross-dressing psychic gypsies, dinosaurs, spa meets with old guy... the list goes for a while. But either way, even if you don't like any of what I just named, you'll have something in Mother 3 that is right for you. Honestly, I think that the entire game is right, so right, it gets a 10/10.
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