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The Adventures of Hand

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The Adventures of Hand Empty Re: The Adventures of Hand

Post by Sio on Thu Jun 05, 2008 11:23 pm

Cool. Updates sooon.

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The Adventures of Hand Empty The Adventures of Hand

Post by SmashFiles on Thu May 29, 2008 4:49 am

So far i have the Prologue and part of Chap. 1.
When i was in 6th grade, i started this series, it had a more child like feel to it, but now it may have a more teenish feel to it, but still have some child like moments. (did that make sense?) Either way, read it, i think its pretty good. I also added in a cliffhanger for all of you.

The Adventures of Hand


Before I get into this story, I must inform you a little bit about this world. The people of this land are very different from you or me. You see, these people are hands, but these are unlike the hands that are attached to our arms. They are not as developed as they are today.
The average size of a hand is 3 feet. They also haven’t grown a ring finger, so they walk on they’re index and middle finger. Their thumb and pinky are like our hands, they can pick things up with them. The thumb is also as far down on the hand as the pinky is. They also have no fingernails. This is the average appearance of a hand.
Now that you know all you need to know for now, let’s move on.

Chapter 1

Hand was just like any other hand, he has a name proclaiming what he is or does, he goes to school, and he has a freckle on his thumb, signifying he’s from Handville. But one thing that’s different about him, is that he’s small. He’s about three fourths the size of the average hand, and is picked on often because of it. But what Hand and the other kids don’t know is that Hand has a power, a power that will be brought out soon enough.
Once day, as Hand was strolling home from school, he took a detour over to Handclap Mountain, said to have been made by the god hands. Two of them clapped themselves together and the mountain simply sprouted from the ground. As Hand was climbing but the path, he saw that a boulder fell off the top of the cliff. When he went to the side of the path to see if it hit anything, it wasn’t there. Hand had no idea how that could of happened, but he intended to find out. So he continued on up the path to see who, or what, pushed it off.
When he finally reached the top, four more boulders had fallen, and all of them had disappeared. Once he looked up, he saw there was a huge, hairy hand,, on all five of his fingers, the primitive way to travel. Sadly Hand didn’t have much time to sightsee. There was a blinding light, an explosion, which knocked Hand back, and than the boulder reappered, right next to the huge hand.
“Wh… What was that!?” Hand screamed, fear rising.
“Magic,” the big hand responded coolly, “but now that you know, you must die.”
“Wha..!” but before Hand could even finish the word, the big hand had disappeared. All of a sudden, Hand felt something grab his wrist, (which is equivalent to the human head) and before he knew it, he was falling off the cliff, face first toward the ground. When he flipped over, to look up at the cliff, he saw the boulder was trailing about 10 meters behind him. Hand had no idea what to do, but to pray. He prayed to everyone he could think of, his dad, his mom, and even his comic book hero, Superhand. He had no idea why, he knew Superhand wasn’t real, but he prayed anyway. He knew he had to be close to hitting the ground, so with his last grasp of breath, he spoke out loud, hoping his parents heard him, even though they were miles away…
“I love you.” And with that, Hand felt himself hit the ground, it was worse than anything he could imagine, it wasn’t even the pain that tortured him, it was the cracks of bones. He felt everything slipping away and closed his eyes. But the pain he felt it didn’t feel like death, though he knew it would come when the boulder crushed him… But it never came. He never felt the pain come. So he than thought he was in heaven, and drifted away.

About five days passed before anyone found Hand. The one who found Hand was known throughout Hand land for his courage and bravery. It was his dad, Dad. Dad had gone on adventures ever since he was 15. He was rarely home, and Hand didn’t consider him to be his father, because of it. Once Dad found Hand, he took him to the hospital. When the nurse aked him for his name, Dad told her it wasn’t imported and drifted out the door in the drenching rain.
Two more days passed before Hand came too, and the first thing he noticed was the pain of hunger and thirst. He looked to the left and saw a window. Out the window, it was storming with deep dark clouds, and deafening thunder. Well isn’t this a great way to wake up, Hand thought to him self. To his right, he saw a tray of food, and three glasses of water. Hand tried to roll over to get closer to the delicacies but when he rolled on his right finger, pain immediately pumped through it.
“AAUUGHH!” Hand screamed out of the pain. The pain was like nothing he ever experienced, other than the cliff. A nurse, hearing his cry, came in to help.
“Hello, are you okay?” The nurse soothed, “I’m Nurse, and I was told by a mysterious man, who brought you in, to take care of you, and bring you this special candy bar everyday. I don’t know why he would say that, candy isn’t really the greatest thing to help heal…”
“Let me see that,” Hand asked as Nurse handed it too him. Just as I thought, Hand examined. It’s a nutty supreme, my favorite, and only one person knows my TRUE favorite… Dad.
“Well, here let me help you with your food. You’re going to be immobile for the next few days, just try to relax, and let me feed you your food.” Hand didn’t complain, though once he tasted the food he felt like he was about to. He didn’t, he was to hungry to do much of anything.
As the days passed, Hand slowly started to feel stronger. Enough to the point where the nurses thought he could be released. When his mom, Mom, came to the hospital, for the 50th time, she was relieved to hear that Hand could come home. Once in the car, emotions changed.
“How in the world did you fall of the cliff?” Mom exclaimed. Mom was like any typical mom, always wondering what’s wrong, even when things weren’t wrong. The Naginator, is what Hand sometimes calls here.
“I don’t know,” Hand lied, “I guess I just tripped.”
“How can you trip off a cliff? Were you that close to the edge?!” Mom nagged.
“It was all really fast, It’s hard to remember,” Hand exclaimed, agitated, “and excuse me for being injured.”
“Oh sweetie, you know I care for you, “ she said affectingly, “Its’ just hard to believe that you tripped. You’re normally so careful.” After a few more minutes of nagging, they finally arrived home.
“I’ll have dinner ready in a few minutes, than we need to get you to Hand-Fu practice,” Mom said as she walked into the kitchen. Hand-Fu practice, Hand thought, I just got out of the hospital, and she wants to go to a place where I can just as easily get sent back? As Hand continued to ponder, he went upstairs to get some new clothes on, wearing the same thing for a week really starts getting to you. After he took a shower and got dressed, he headed back downstairs, for dinner.
“I made your favorite, butter noodles and a cheeseburger to welcome you back!” It may not be the greatest combination, but its one heck of a meal. After Hand snarffed his dinner down, he headed out the door with his mom to Hand-Fu practice.
Hand walked into the dojo, where most all of the students were already there. As he sat down, the master, Master, started the lesson.
“Everyone leave, there is no training today,” some people cheered, and the rest sighed. Hand was stunned, Master never canceled practices, I wonder what’s wrong, Hand thought. As soon as Hand was about to leave, Master stopped him.
“Except you Hand,” Master said, “You need to stay.”
“Ummm… Okay, why?” Hand questioned. Sure he was happy that Master acknowledged him but it was still strange.
“Let me get straight to the point, we need to train,” Hand was stunned. There had been only one other hand (as far as Hand knew) that had been personally trained by Master, and that was his dad.
“I… I,” Hand mumbled, he didn’t know if he should accept. If he did, He’d have to go on dangerous adventures, just like his father. Hand didn’t know if he wanted that. Risking his life almost every second, he didn’t want that. He already knew the pain of death; he couldn’t bear any more of that. Hand was about to respond but when he looked up, everything was gone. Absolutely everything, Master, the chairs, the walls, everything was gone! It was pitch black, though he could still see himself clearly.
“What the,” Hand started.
“This is the realm of death,” Master’s voice replied.
“What!” Hand yelled.
“If you were to die, this is where you’d go. For the rest of your death, you’d wander here, helplessly.”
“But why, and how for that matter, am I here?”
“I sent you here while you were thinking. This is the only place I could talk to you were, HE, wouldn’t hear.”
“Wait, who’s HE?”
“The one who tried to kill you on the mountain,” Master replied.
“How did I get here?” Hand asked, gradually freaking out more and more.
“Magic,” Hand flinched; he hasn’t had the greatest experiences with magic. That’s the whole reason he was in this mess wasn’t it…
“This is what I need to train you in. The hand who pushed you off the cliff, his name is Chersontae,” so that’s his name, Hand thought, “He possesses great magic, far beyond mine. But what I can teach you will give you the power to defend yourself.”
“What if I refuse?” Hand asked.
“Than Chersontae will hunt you down and kill you. If you let me teach you the art of Hand-fu, and the magic I know, you’ll at least have the power to defend your self.” Hand didn’t know what to say, he knew if he didn’t, he would die, but if he accepted… what would happen? Would he learn the magic and, poof, everything will be better? No, it wouldn’t, nothing ever is. It takes time, patience, sweat, blood. He didn’t have time to think, everything was coming back, and than he’d have to give Master an answer. After a few more seconds, everything was back, and Master was staring at Hand.
“Well?” Master asked.
“I’ll do it, Hand replied with confidence, though that’s definitely not how he felt. He felt like he was ordered to assassinate the mayor, he felt as if he was wanted to do the impossible. Why did Master think Hand could learn all of this? Why did I say yes? Hand thought to himself. When he looked up, he realized than Master was trying to talk to him.
“Good, I’ll go get the equipment, stay here,” Master demanded, though smiling. Once Master had left, Hand started praying. For the outcome of his training, the love of his Mother, and in hopes of making his father proud.

Chapter 2

When Master returned with the equipment, mostly body pads and wooden staves, he handed Hand a staff and body pads.
“I will first be teaching you the basics of fighting,” Master started as he and Hand put the equipment on, “a staff should always be your weapon of choice. Almost anywhere you are you should be able to find something resembling a staff. In the wild, you should be able to find a stick that’s of good length. In a building, you can find a pole of some sort, or if you’re desperate, yank up some of the floorboard.”
“Wait, how could I do that?” Hand questioned, he didn’t know of anyone who could take the floorboard out.
“With training, comes strength. Now try coming at me with all you’ve got,” Hand had never wielded a staff before and this was a lot heavier and longer than he thought it would be. It was about five feet long, one and a half foot taller than he was. He grabbed the edge of the staff with both fingers, and held it like a sword. It felt a little off balance but he figured that’s because he had never held one before. When he finally had it in a way he thought was comfortable, he charged at Master. When he was about three feet away, he swung the staff horizontally. Hand was surprised at how easy this was, that is, until Master ducked.
“Whoa!” Hand shouted, as he did a three-sixty, and crashed into a wall. Dizzily, Hand noticed that the momentum of the staff must have been too great to stop.
“Sigh… This is going to be harder than I thought,” Master groaned, as they continued to train.


A few days had passed, and Hand had almost completely mastered the staff.
“It’s time we had a ‘test’, as you may call it,” master started, “You and me, one on one. If you win, I think it will be time to teach you’re your first magic.” Hand grinned; he was starting to get impatient, waiting to learn magic.
“Though if you lose, I will not teach you this magic, ever.” Hand gasped, he had to beat the one who had taught him everything? How was he supposed to do that! Master knew all of his moves, and has watched how Hand fought. All Hand ever saw was Master ducking, and sending him into the wall. Hand had to think of something Master hadn’t seen, and quick!
“Let us begin,” Master said, as he charged at Hand, Hand gripped the staff, both fingers half of a foot away from the center. When Master swung, Hand neatly dodged and swung at Master’s index finger. Master jumped and dived at Hand. He’s a lot more agile than I thought, Hand studied as he whacked Master straight in the wrist with the center of the pole. Though not agile enough. Master grunted, and started going on the defensive side, which signaled to hand that it was his turn to attack.
Up! Down! Jab, jab! Uppercut! Nothing was working, it was as if Hand was fighting a tree with a pillow, nothing was working. That’s when he got an idea, Hand backed up to the wall, and hoped Master would play along. At first Master stood his ground, but when he noticed hand was moving away from the wall, he started for him. What started as a stride, turned into a full on charge at Hand. This was great, Hand thought, now I just have to time it right. When Master was a few yards away, Hand did a back flip, and landed on the wall, which he than pushed off as hard as he could. Just as Hand planned, he was right over Master. He swung as hard as he could, and whacked Master in the back of the wrist. The force was so great, it knocked Master straight into the wall, and the wall collapsed!
“Ha!” Hand yelled, “I did it! I beat Master!”
“Not quite,” Master exclaimed, as he struggled to get up. Hand was amazed, he was surprised Master wasn’t even knocked out. He was going so fast when he crashed into the wall. Either way, it was time to finish this. They both charged, as fast as they could. Master swung, but Hand ducked and tripped Master with his pole. Hand sword he saw Master do a complete flip.
“This time I win,” Hand exclaimed as he pinned Master to the ground. But than the weirdest thing happened. Master melted into the ground. Where did you go? Hand wondered. He looked all around the dojo, but Master was nowhere to be seen. That’s when Hand noticed the clapping.
“Well done Hand, You’ve beaten my clone,” Master congratulated.
“Wait… clone!?” Hand shouted, “What clone, and where are you!”
“Right here!” And Master popped out of nowhere. “There are more types of magic than you could possibly imagine. The one that you saw just a moment ago was the clone. When you clone yourself, you make a complete carbon copy of yourself. Though the only difference is that it’s half as strong as you are. It’s as if you cut yourself in half, and gave one half to your clone. That’s the reason that you were able to win.”
“Oh…” Hand moaned, feeling a little depressed.

To be continued

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