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Smashfiles forum

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Re: Smashfiles forum

Post by Nazar on Thu Feb 05, 2009 6:56 am

i loke your youtube vids man! i joined a while ago though

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Re: Smashfiles forum

Post by SinlessNight on Wed Aug 06, 2008 9:06 am

yes, great forum, but Smash, you should update the banner in this post.
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Re: Smashfiles forum

Post by Sio on Wed Jul 30, 2008 1:47 pm

Weeeee!!! Long post, but a lot of information. I highly recommend this forum.


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Smashfiles forum

Post by SmashFiles on Wed Jul 30, 2008 1:41 am

SmashForum, Forum for all

Link : http://smashfiles.forumotion.net
Language : English

Section : Micelanious
Administrators : SmashFiles
Global Moderators : Sio, Chris
Partial Moderators : MarioFanatic166, Edgar the Alien
Forum's main theme : I created this forum in response to my youtube. I mainly focused this around games and videos, but it than grew to an average forum. It has topics for most every need.


Exclamation Announcemnts
Exclamation Welcome to the Forum

The SmashFiles Section
Exclamation SmashFiles Video Chat
Exclamation SmashFiles Forum Chat
Exclamation SmashFiles Suggestions

I Wanna be the Mario
Exclamation IWBTM Announcements
Exclamation IWBTM General
Exclamation IWBTM Suggestions

Exclamation Gaming Chat
Exclamation Your Gaming Highlights
Exclamation Game Reviews
Exclamation Freeware Games / Games you've made
Exclamation Wi-Fi Friend Codes

Exclamation The Animation Zone

  • Pivot
  • Flash
  • Other

Exclamation Videos

  • Your Videos
  • Movies
  • Television

Exclamation The Writing Zone

  • Stories
  • Fan-Fics
  • Other

Exclamation Your Art Collection

  • Hand Drawn
  • Electronically Drawn
  • Other

Exclamation Music

Exclamation General Chat
Exclamation YouTube/Newgrounds Section
Exclamation Questions?
Exclamation The Crap Box
Exclamation Forum Games

Exclamation Back Room (For Mods)
Exclamation 1337 Zone (Once you get 250 posts)
Exclamation Graveyard (For dead topics)



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Re: Smashfiles forum

Post by Sponsored content

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